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Fencing Teams Host Memorable Alumni Bouts & Reception

Those bouts were followed by a banquet where the current varsity team got the chance to meet with the fencers who have come before them and established the tradition of Haverford fencing. Alumni and alumnae from the men's and women's fencing program turned out in great numbers. Alumni in attendance dated all the way back to the College's Class of 1974 and included: Roger Chin '74, Laszlo Kopits '87, Dr. Philip Perilstein '97, Will Gardner-Mims '05, Josh Mertz '06, Brandon West '07, Max Rosen-Long '09, Andrew Bostick '12, Lee Flaherty '12, James Nieuwland '13, Katie Elbert '14, Shannon Horn '14, Lawrence Wang '14, Leila Braun '16, Kailash Faris '16, Elisabeth Hawthorne '16, Jake Bassinder '17, Eric Gardner '17, Devin Louis '18, Alexandra Morrison '18, Lauren Pronger '18, and Ian Wheeler '18. Gardner and Wheeler continue to work with the program as assistant coaches, along with Littell and John Molloy who was also in attendance.

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