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Kelly Knight Craft, the US ambassador to Canada, tapped by President Trump to be next US ambassador to UN

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., who said he recommended Craft, a fellow Kentuckian, was quick to celebrate her selection and called it "an exceptional choice for this critical post." The White House search for a replacement for Haley focused on female candidates, and those who had already been confirmed by the Senate for a current or past posting, people familiar with the selection process said. Craft, who is hardly a household name, would lower the public profile of the U.N. job after Haley, whose prominence as a former South Carolina governor and national GOP star helped project Trump foreign policy priorities but whose independence sometimes rankled other aides. Craft made headlines shortly after assuming her post in Canada when she told Canadian Broadcasting Corp. News that she believes "both sides" of the climate change debate.

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